3 Top advantages of tooth implants

Tooth implants are prosthetic teeth that can be used individually to provide single permanent replacements, or in pairs to anchor a bridge of artificial teeth in place. An entire set can be fixed firmly into the mouth using as few as 4-6 tooth implants.

There are obvious aesthetic advantages to having tooth implants; the main one being that they’ll fill an unsightly gap in your smile that has been caused by tooth loss. Our clients commonly admit that they sought tooth implants because they felt self-conscious about having teeth missing, but did you know that smiling less because you don’t want to reveal your gaps can have a detrimental effect on your happiness?

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Marlborough Dental – Why choose Marlborough Dental Studio

There are many reasons to choose Marlborough Dental Studio, but one of the main reasons our patients come back to us time and time again is because of the effort we put in to maintaining long-standing relationships with them. We don’t want to only provide a high quality service on a comprehensive range of dental treatments, but rather exceed the expectations of those who visit us.  Continue reading

What is Denplan and the benefits?

Denplan makes high quality dentistry affordable. Always wanted to get rid of that frustrating stain on your teeth that an NHS basic polish can’t shift? Denplan makes that possible. Fed up of your crooked teeth standing out in photographs? Denplan means you can get them straightened. Annoyed with yourself for not having put aside any money to sort out that missing tooth? Let Denplan take care of that for you.

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Five things you need to know about Six Month Smiles

For most adults looking for orthodontic solutions, the appearance of the brace or aligner is a huge concern, as is receiving effective treatment in the shortest time frame possible. Many adults who come to us about teeth straightening seriously regret not getting braces as a child but report that the major stumbling block was ‘having a mouthful of wire for two years’. The short-term, ‘invisible’ adult orthodontic solutions now available give adults and, in some cases, teens an alternative to traditional wire braces.

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7 things patients want to know about dental implant devices

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are used to support replacement teeth in the jaw. This is achieved through a metal post which acts like the root of any normal tooth, it fits directly into the jaw bone and holds false teeth in place using an internal screw or clip to keep it in place.

Can any dentist provide dental implants?

It is always best to consult with your dentist to determine if dental implants are needed first of all. If they do not do dental implants, then they will most likely refer you to an experienced and knowledgeable Implantologist who will assess and treat you. An Implantologist is someone who is trained and specialises in dental implants.

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Enjoy a brighter smile with whitening from Marlborough Dental Studio

Tooth whitening can give your smile and your spirits a real boost. The teeth can become stained for a variety of reasons, from getting older or smoking, to the foods and drinks we consume, such as red wine, coffee, tea and curry.

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