Enjoy a brighter smile with whitening from Marlborough Dental Studio

Tooth whitening can give your smile and your spirits a real boost. The teeth can become stained for a variety of reasons, from getting older or smoking, to the foods and drinks we consume, such as red wine, coffee, tea and curry.

Tooth whitening is a successful, safe, simple and long lasting way of lightening the colour of your teeth and something we have offered to our patients across Marlborough, Devizes and Swindon for many years. Continue reading

Speak up for your teeth to get the best tooth whitening results in Swindon and Marlborough

Tooth whitening is an increasingly popular cosmetic dentistry procedure that can make a massive difference to the appearance of your smile without breaking the bank.

As we get older, our teeth naturally darken and discolour due to factors such as diet, age, lifestyle and even genetics. Tooth whitening at Marlborough Dental Studio is a relatively inexpensive treatment that can make your teeth look younger, cleaner and healthier. The great thing about tooth whitening too is that is disguises flaws on your teeth and makes them look straighter.

To get the most out of tooth whitening at Marlborough Dental Studio, we always advise our clients to give us as much information as possible about their medical and dental history. We will, of course, have had a comprehensive chat with you when you joined the practice but it’s always wise to keep us up-to-date.

Tooth whitening is suitable for the majority of people and has years of evidence demonstrating its safety, but – as with some other dental procedures – it isn’t suitable for everyone (for example, under 18s).

When discussing tooth whitening with your dentist at Marlborough Dental Studio, you should let us know if you know you are pregnant (or think you might be) or if you’re breastfeeding. Tell us about allergies too and any sensitivity you might be experiencing with your teeth or gums.

By fully disclosing any important information about your past and current health (e.g. being diabetic or on blood thinners such as Warfarin), your dentist is able to give you the best possible advice about whether a treatment is right for you or not.

Remember, whether you decide to go ahead with home tooth whitening or in-surgery tooth whitening through Marlborough Dental Studio, tooth whitening doesn’t change the colour of any crowns, large fillings or areas of tooth surface loss, so you may need these restorations changed after the treatment is complete to complement your whiter, brighter smile.

With tooth whitening near Swindon and Marlborough at Marlborough Dental Studio, as with everything else, we do all we can to give you individual advice and care. All we ask of you in return is that you speak up for your teeth. When we’re all reading from the same page, we can give you the best possible results, which is why we’re all here.

Adult orthodontics – why you’re never too old for braces

The demand for ‘adult’ or ‘invisible’ orthodontics here at Marlborough Dental Studio reflects a growing trend in the dental industry. Braces are no longer seen as the domain of teenagers, thanks to a number of discreet alternatives to the traditional wire ‘train track’ braces we may have associated with teeth straightening in the past.

Brace-wearing celebrities such as Dakota Fanning, Tom Cruise, Gwen Stefani, Danny Glover, Nicholas Cage and Delta Goodrem are helping to pave the way for individuals who might previously have dismissed orthodontic treatment as a missed opportunity.

Why are adult orthodontics, such as Invisalign or the Inman Aligner, so appealing?

If you are someone who is considering adult orthodontics, then the chances are that it was suggested that you wear a brace as a teenager. Of course, your priorities were probably different in those halcyon days of raging hormones and adolescence. You may have refused a brace because you were worried about how it would look or because you didn’t consider the long-term implications of having crooked teeth.

Our lives and priorities change as adults. We find that, rightly or wrongly, people are judged on their appearance, and that a confident smile can open doors to new opportunities. You may now long for straighter teeth to give you the confidence to shine in your working and personal life.

The appeal of adult orthodontics is that these teeth straightening solutions have been designed with a view to discretion and aesthetics. Using clear aligners, tooth coloured materials, or devices placed behind the teeth, for example, it is possible to give you a straighter smile using an orthodontic device that is almost invisible to the casual observer.

Today’s adult orthodontic solutions reflect the demand for an effective treatment option that lets you carry on with your busy life. You can speak in meetings, attend appointments, or continue in a public facing role with confidence.

Adult orthodontics at Marlborough Dental Studio

Here at Marlborough Dental Studio, we see clients on an almost daily basis who want to know more about their orthodontic options. The good news is that aligners and braces are suitable for the majority of people, regardless of their age, as long as they are dentally fit.

We see significant demand for fast-acting adult orthodontic systems, such as Six Month Smiles and the Inman Aligner, at Marlborough Dental Studio. This may be because the shorter treatment times can reduce the costs of orthodontic treatment and enable you to put your crooked teeth (and resulting lack of confidence) behind you in as little as four to six months.

Different adult orthodontic solutions are appropriate for different people and different problems. The best way to find out what would be right for you (and the associated costs) is to speak to your dentist about your individual needs.

To find out more about adult orthodontics at Marlborough Dental Studio, simply book an appointment, and we will be happy to discuss your options.