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Why is orthodontics important?

28 June 2024

Wondering if orthodontics is important? Find out this and more, including which orthodontic treatment you can choose from and which is best for you, in our blog!

Why is orthodontics important? 

Designed to correct issues with a misaligned bite, including: 

Orthodontic treatment can be essential and life-changing for patients once completed. 

But for others, it is considered an optional extra that they avoid if they can. 

So, why is orthodontics so important and why should it be a top priority for you and your family? 

Why is orthodontics important?

Benefits of orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment has a wide range of benefits for patients, including but not limited to:

Misaligned teeth can cause a wide range of issues, from difficulty biting and speaking to headaches, strained jaws, and tooth-grinding – which can be painful and impact the quality of life. 

If you have misaligned teeth, you may struggle with biting and chewing, which can limit your diet, restrict the amount of nutrients you get from food, and even increase the risk of choking. 

Well-aligned teeth are easier to keep clean and are prone to fewer dental complications – vastly lowering the risks of future problems, including cavities, fillings, and extractions. 

Helping you to look younger, healthier, and more attractive – who doesn’t want a beautiful smile? 

Quite often, patients with uneven teeth have pain or embarrassment, which causes them to hide how they bite, chew, smile, and speak in public or even stop them from getting out and about altogether. 

As such, after orthodontic treatment is completed, patients can often experience a vast increase in self-esteem, which can transform their day-to-day life. 

Types of orthodontic treatments 

At Marlborough Dental Studio, we offer a range of orthodontic treatments for our existing and new patients, including:


As a Platinum Invisalign Provider, Marlborough Dental Studio offers a range of Invisalign aligner-based treatments that move your teeth into correct alignment over several months. This includes: 

To find out which is best for you, read more or speak to our Invisalign specialists today!

Damon braces 

Looking for a similar discreetness to Invisalign with the benefits of traditional archwire and bracket components? Damon Clear braces can help!

Using a tooth-coloured archwire and clear brackets, Damon Clear braces can offer a treatment time that is six months faster than traditional braces – combining subtle straightening with effective treatment. 

Plus, thanks to a unique slide mechanism, teeth can be moved quickly, with increased comfort. 

Find out more about Damon Clear braces

Early intervention orthodontics 

If you are worried that your little one already has crookedness, early intervention orthodontics is the answer. 

Suitable for children as young as six, orthodontic treatment for children can be much more effective as it:

If Early Intervention Orthodontics sounds like the right option for your smallest family members, find out more today. 

Cfast braces 

If only your top and bottom six teeth are affected by crookedness or misalignment, consider Cfast braces. 

Specifically designed to straighten only the social six, Cfast braces use tooth-coloured nickel titanium wires and clear brackets to correct misalignment issues quickly and discreetly. 

Cfast braces are suitable for mild to moderate orthodontic issues, so be sure to ask our experts for more information if you think it could be a good option for you. 

If you need orthodontics, speak to Marlborough 

With decades of experience and a wide range of orthodontic treatments that can be used – there is a treatment option for all patients, no matter how complex their malocclusion might be. 

As part of our orthodontic process, we’ll examine your mouth and work with you to find the most suitable solution – taking into account your preferences, lifestyle, and hopes for treatment outcomes so you are 100% happy. 

To book an appointment or find out more, why not contact our friendly and helpful team today? You can call us on 01672 516 184 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.