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Why choose a private dentist in Swindon?

Why choose a private dentist in Swindon?

With a friendly team, professional dentists and 1st class facilities, you’ll be well looked after at Marlborough Dental Studio

Looking for a private dentist in Swindon to help with your smile?

Do you often find yourself trying to hide your teeth when you talk or smile? Or have you started to notice difficulties or discomfort when eating or drinking?

At Marlborough Dental Studio, we know that having great teeth is about more than just enhancing a smile. It can greatly improve self-esteem and confidence and make life easier overall.

Our experienced dentists in Swindon are available with a range of specialist dental treatments that can fix any dental problems you’re experiencing, or help you create the smile you’ve always wanted.

From replacing missing teeth, covering chips and imperfections, straightening a wonky smile to reversing staining, to a full teeth whitening therapy, you have a wide range of dental treatments to choose from with our Swindon dentist that will give you a bright, white smile to boost your confidence while allowing you to enjoy a more varied diet without the discomfort.

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Our expertise

Whatever type of treatment you’re looking for, one thing you can be sure of is that as a patient of Marlborough Dental Studio, you’re the focus of everything we do.

Our expert team will be right with you from your initial consultation when we decide on the best treatment path to follow, right through to post-treatment follow-ups, we always offer a professional experience.

Whether you’re looking for teeth straightening, need implants to fill holes in your smile, or want cosmetic dental work to improve your confidence, we offer a complete range of dental care.

Our clinicians and dental specialists are all carefully selected for their dedication to excellence.

Coupled with our investment in state-of-the-art technology, we’re confident we can provide the best dental treatment in and around Swindon.

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Services offered by our dentist Swindon

Teeth Straightening

From orthodontics treatment in Swindon to Invaslign and early intervention orthodontics, we can help you straighten your teeth so you can stop hiding your smile for holiday selfies.


Whether you need a single or multiple teeth replacement or you’re struggling with uncomfortable dentures, our dental implant treatments can help. We can perform single and full mouth implants and provide treatment to replace missing teeth to fill gaps in your sunny smile.


Choose from stain removal to a complete smile restoration to help remove years of poor tooth hygiene or repair teeth that have been lost or damaged through a chip or accident. From crowns to veneers, we provide lots of cosmetic dental services to our patients at our Swindon dentists.


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Fees and finance

Before we start, we provide all patients with a complete, itemised treatment plan, so you know exactly what you can expect to pay for your dental treatment in Swindon.

We also understand that dental treatment can be a significant investment to pay upfront, so we’re always willing to work with patients to develop a payment plan that suits you and your budget.

With our 0% finance and low-interest credit options, you can spread the cost of your treatment into more affordable instalments so you can achieve the smile you want without putting a strain on your bank account.

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