Inman Aligner – Before & After

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This patient wanted his lower teeth straightened. Within a few short months this was achieved with the Inman Aligner appliance. The bonded retainer will ensure there is no relapse.

In 3 months I was able to improve my patient’s smile using Inman Aligner, which is the fastest teeth straightening appliance available. I lengthened her lateral incisors with composite resin bonding to create a more even and natural smile.

Dr Stephen Tarr

Frequently Asked Questions

The Inman aligner uses a coiled nickel-titanium spring to create a force on the inside of the teeth. This gentle squeezing force runs across the front of the teeth via a thin bar that is slightly wider than a standard archwire. 

This narrow, single bar runs right across the front teeth, sometimes called the social six, moving them into their new straight position - so it will be visible to others when you speak or smile. 

The good news is, however, that the Inman aligner bar helps to move the teeth into their desired position much faster than other brands of orthodontic appliances, like Invisalign, so might only be visible for around 6-18 weeks – depending on the level of malocclusion (crookedness). 

To book an Inman aligner consultation with our dental experts, call our reception team on 01672 516 184 or send us an email and we’ll be in touch.

As with all orthodontic treatments, you will need to wear a retainer after your treatment is completed, to ensure that your teeth stay in their new, correct position and reduce the chances of relapse. 

Patients are generally able to choose between a lingually bonded retainer, which is discreetly applied to the backs of the teeth or an Essix retainer, which is a thin, transparent retainer usually worn a few nights a week. 

For more information about aftercare for your new straight teeth or the retainer you will need, reach out to the clinic today. Our lovely team can answer any questions you may have and book your consultation if you need one. 

For patients looking to correct mild alignment issues and whiten their teeth, the Inman aligner is an excellent option. 

Thanks to the fast treatment time and removable nature of the aligner, patients can choose to whiten their teeth during or after the Inman aligner orthodontic treatment and enjoy a straight, white smile. 

For more deep-rooted staining, patients can consider a range of veneers after their teeth are moved into a more aesthetically pleasing location – which allows the veneers to be super thin and unnoticeable. 

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