Makeover Results – Before & After

Makeover Results

Transformed Smile, using CFast Clear Braces – Results in less than 9 months. Straighter teeth in time for his wedding.

Dr Stephen Tarr

Cfast braces before & after

A male patient wanted to restore his smile and replace his chipped, heavily filled and discoloured teeth. I restored his smile with 4 E-Max crowns in less than two weeks.

Dr Stephen Tarr

Smile Restoration Before & After

Invisalign Brace

Dr Stephen Tarr

Invisalign Braces before and after

This patient wanted to dramatically improve his smile, he wanted a healthier, whiter and perfectly natural look. His teeth were whitened, over a period of two weeks, using Enlighten, which is the best whitening treatment available in the UK. This was followed by a 1hr booster session at the practice. Dr Stephen Tarr created a combination of 5 porcelain crowns and veneers for both top and bottom teeth to match the newly whitened teeth. The results were dramatic and life enhancing.

Dr Stephen Tarr

Makeover before and after