Invisalign Swindon FAQs

A major benefit of Invisalign is how easy it is to clean your teeth.

Traditional braces catch food particles because of the brackets and wires fixed to the teeth. These fixings then make it difficult and time-consuming to clean the teeth and remove these particles, properly leading to an increase in plaque and cavities.

Invisalign retainer trays, however, don’t impact your teeth-cleaning routines. This is because they are removed entirely from the mouth before brushing, leaving you free to clean and floss as normal.

Moreover, cleaning your Invisalign aligner is also very simple. Simply brush and rinse when you brush your teeth to keep them clean and fresh, then pop them back in once done.

Patients who are nervous about wearing traditional braces or aligner systems might be looking for a solution that is as unnoticeable as possible.

Brand leader Invisalign can never be completely invisible, but most people find that the retainer will not be noticed during conversations or when socialising.

The lack of wires or brackets used in brace systems and the bespoke, clear aligner tray means that Invisalign in Swindon fits snugly to the teeth. This close fit helps to gently apply pressure to move the teeth and makes retainers practically invisible during wear.

So much so that they used it in the brand name.

Invisalign is also removable, so if patients attend important events such as weddings or graduations, the retainer tray can be easily and quickly removed for photographs or the whole event itself.

Perfect for patients looking for discreet but proven orthodontic treatment.