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Early Intervention Orthodontics

Orthodontic therapy transforms smiles by naturally restoring the harmony and balance of the teeth – and the results can be truly life changing.

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Whats involved?

Traditionally, orthodontists wait until children have lost all of their milk teeth before even considering braces.

The latest research has found that early intervention orthodontics can have absolutely fantastic results, which is why we can treat children at Marlborough Dental Studio from as young as six years old.

Early intervention orthodontics more often than not prevents children from requiring braces in their teenage years when their appearance becomes more important to them, and they can experience feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness.

Early intervention orthodontics helps expand children’s arches, allowing the adult teeth to come through in a better, straighter, more aesthetically pleasing position.

This reduces crowding and improves the jaw position and bite.

By starting at a young age we are able to work with the child’s growing and developing jaws, making natural spaces for their teeth and thereby avoiding the need for the extraction of healthy teeth.

However, if you are dealing with teenagers who didn’t have braces when they were younger, we have several more subtle options that might suit them including, damon clear braces, inman aligner and cfast braces.

Why Choose Us?

When determining orthodontic care, our experts consider your child’s whole face as well as their profile, bone tissue and lip and muscular structure. This is called ‘face-driven orthodontics’ and our principal dentist Stephen Tarr and specialist orthodontist Graham Gardner have had extensive training in this area.

Instead of just looking at straightening their teeth, a face-driven approach focuses on your child’s long-term facial balance.

Our clinicians want your child’s teeth and smile to look as good after a year as they will after 30. Traditional extraction orthodontics has proven that profiles can be ruined for life when clinicians concentrate solely on the teeth and not the whole face.

  • Extraordinary results
  • Children treated from six years old
  • Highly qualified clinicians
  • Experts in face-driven orthodontics
  • Non-extraction orthodontics saves healthy teeth
  • 0% finance and payment options